Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Change of plans!!!!!!!!

Well, I did not get as much shopping done I as had originally planned. I had the opportunity to work a little overtime, which is an opportunity I did not want to pass up. This led to meeting my family for dinner at the ne Cheddar's Restaurant. It was good and fun. These are my deals for the night:
Kroger: 1. Parkay margarine on sale 10 for $10; I bought 4 and had 2 $.75 off the
purchase of 2. TOTAL: 4 for $2.50
2. Jollytime popcorn on sale 2 for $4. I bought 2 and two $1.50 off.
TOTAL: 2 for $1.00 You can get this coupon at www.jollytime.com
3. Free 12 pack of diet coke. I had a coupon from my coke rewards.

Wal-Mart: My teenage daughter was with me, which means I always spend more money.
Some how she talked me into buying a new blow dryer because she "needs"
a diffuser. Any way the deals went something like this:
1. Kotex mini pads travel size $1.00---coupon $1.00 off.
TOTAL: FREE This coupon is available at www.smartsource.com

I never made it to Brookshire's. It has been a long day and night. I try check out the grocery ads tomorrow and plan my next shopping adventure.

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