Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's not a bargain it you do not need it!

Everytime I share my "deals" with family and friends, someone in the group always asks, "Did you need that?" Only a rookie to the frugal world would ask such a silly question. Did I need another bottle of free shampoo? No...but it was free and I will use it when I run out of the other 3 bottles on my shelf. These rookies do not understand the beauty of stockpiling. Can you ever have enough toothpaste? I only have 6 tubes in the cabinet now....but I will add to it if I can get it for free.
I do have my own limits. I do not get the free Glucose meters that are often available at CVS. I have no use for these. I did not stockpile the cheap Glade plug-ins, when they were on sale. I also do not use these. Currently the cheap/free item is the frozen Green Giant veggies( I think its Green Giant). My family will not eat these.
So to answer the rookie question, If I do not need it, I do not buy it.

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friedmsw said...

Good for You! I enjoy reading your blog.