Saturday, January 24, 2009

Angel food pick up!

Today was Angel Food pick up day. I have written about Angel Food before, but for those who are not familiar with it, I will try to explain. It is a "food package" for $30 with an average of over $70 worth of food. Today's package had milk, eggs, muffin mix, ribs, chicken, ground turkey, chicken fajita meat, hamburgers, frozen broccoli, frozen peas. I cannot remember everything else. Here is a picture. For more information and a location near you go to


Michelle said...

Hi! Thanks for following me on my blog! Looking forward to reading about your great finds and advice!

Melissa said...

I love Angel Food! Only thing for me is that with Aldi around and not using everything that comes out of those boxes I usually don't order from them unless a majority of the box I will use for sure. I normally wind up using some of the items just because I have them, not because I want them or give them away.

Also in the summer I get the grill boxes which are a really great deal.