Thursday, January 22, 2009

Brookshire's chaos!

Brookshire's was very crowded tonight. Everyone was shopping for the specials. There were lots of specials and everything was well stocked. When I checked out there was a gentlemen in front of me that had more coupons in hand than me. We had a nice discussion about local specials. I actually think I have seen him before at CVS. Anyway, after he checked out he looked at his receipt and reported he had saved 70%. To which I replied, " I am sure I can beat that." I lost...I only save 67%. Here is how it went:
Goodlife dog food $4.99 minus $2.oo manufacturer's coupon and $2.00 Brookshire's coupon.
Zataran's Red Beans and Rice $1.59 on sale no coupon
Curves granola bars $2.99 minus $1.00 coupon
2 dozen eggs $1.00 on sale
Smithfield bacon $2.50 minus $.55 manufacturer's coupon, which was tripled, minus
Brookshire's $1.00 coupon
Smithfield Sausage $2.00 minus $.55 manufacturer's coupon, which was tripled.
1 onion $1.01 minus $1.00 Brookshire's coupon
Vo5 shampoo $1.09 minus $1.00 Brookshire's coupon
Viva paper towels $2.33 minus $2.00 Brookshire's coupon
Instant Oatmeal store brand $2.00 no coupon
2 Liter Diet coke $1.25 no coupon
2 Progresso soup $1.25 each minus 2: $1.10 coupons
Wacky Mac Pasta $1.69 minus $.50, which was tripled.
Total out of pocket: $13.91
Even though it was only 67%, I thought it was a great deal!

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Jerry said...

That's great how your conversation with the gentleman in line could lead to an off-the-cuff competition like that! (Plus, hey, you only lost by a measly 3 percent...) And this is a great example of how coupons are one of the best forms of insurance that you can maximize your budget dollar. Way to go...