Sunday, January 18, 2009

A crowd gathered at Kroger

Tonight I ran into Kroger with 4 coupons that I had printed from The packages of chicken nuggets or strips are on sale for $1.00. The coupons are for $1.00 off. I paid the $.28 tax. The cashier and the ladies in line behind me were "freakin out!" All I heard was How did you do that? What? I want a deal like that? I just smiled and told them what website to go to. They stood there with their mouths wide open.

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Anonymous said...

I love when this happens. A girl at FL today told me "your good" at couponing after bringing my total from 13.00 dollars to 3.76. I told her I could do alot better and do more grocery shopping in their store if FL would double Qs!! thanks for the lemonade award also.