Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rookie mistake!

I left work early today to take be daughter to the orthodontist. I had a few minutes to kill, so I ran into Target for the $5 gift card deals. The first one was buy 2 purina dog foods get a $5 gift card. For some reason I have no more purina coupons, but it was still a good deal.
The next one was for 2 fusion razors. I had a $4 off coupon, so this was a great deal, except I ran into a friend while in line, started chatting and forgot to use the coupon. She was so impressed with the 2- $5 gift cards, that I got distracted and forgot my $4 coupon. Such a rookie mistake!


Kristen said...

Don't feel bad. Recently I let a $10 ECB expire and yesterday I could have taken my son's prescription to CVS and gotten a $25 gift card but out of habit went to Walgreens, so I got nothing. That's $35 right there! Not my best month!!

Lynn said...

Everyone makes mistakes...I've hosed myself a few times in the past too...you amke the mistake and learn. Can you take the items back and do the deal again with the Q ? That's what I'd do !

Lynn said...

See what I mean ? I just did a typo on the comment above...just keep up the good work and keep saving...I think it was actually more important for you to talk to your friend. There are always new deals to do !

Coupon Mommie said...

Don't fret my dear. I've done the same thing standing in line chatting with the dern bag boy.

If I notice it before I leave the store and have time I simply walk up to the customer service desk and explain what happened.

The store will either #1 just refund me the coupon amount or #2 have me return the merchandise and repurchase with the coupon. Either one works for me and I leave happy!