Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Quick Bargains!

I am not usually a shopper at JC Penney. Mostly because it is not convenient. This weekend a new JC Penney opened. I pass by it on my way home from work. They had sent me a $10 gift card that was only good at the new store. I ran in quickly after work to see what I could get for $10. I have been wanting some new earrings, so I that is what I bought for myself. They were regularly $14, minus a 24% discount. So my total after discount plus tax was $. 54. Not bad!
This "motivated" me to cross the street to Target to use my 2 $5 gift cards that I got when I bought dog food and razors. This purchase was just a good. I needed some more blush and nail polish remover. Total out of pocket $. 76.


friedmsw said...


Happy Social Work Month!

Lynn said...

Good job on stretching those gift cards !