Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June Spending!

The totals are in:
Groceries, toiletries, pet food, etc. : 200.95
coupons: 56.07

Year to date: groceries, etc: 1553.35
coupons: 643.25

I think those are pretty good stats. $643.25 in savings. That is more than my car note. I still think I can do better.


Lynn said...

Good job on the savings !

Mine would have been more if Florida had double coupons regularly (only Kmart every so often runs their super double coupon days). My daughter is in the northeast and she gets double and triple coupons weekly...her shopping trips are amazing !

Jerry said...

That is true, coupons can lead to fantastic savings, and you have proved it. People seem to complain about costs and the economy, but too few are willing to take these steps to provide actual insurance of lowered costs. Kudos to you for the good example!