Saturday, July 18, 2009

Nightly post!

I have not posted much this week. I have been busy with the youth at Church and working this week. I came home this afternoon and feel asleep on the couch. Well of course, now i am not sleepy. So, I made a late night grocery run! First I went to Brookshire's. Here is how it went:
Betty Crocker Warm Delights: $2.09 minus $.50 coupon(tripled) = .59
Smart Ones dinners: $1.79 each x 5 minus $1.00 off 5 = 7.75 or 1.59 each
Click here for coupon:

Grand biscuits: $1.39 minus .35 coupon(tripled) = .34
Mentos gum: $1.49 minus .50 coupon(tripled) = free
Cheerios snack mix: $2.69 minus .50 coupon(tripled) =1.09

Next I went to Walmart. There I picked up necessities that I did not have coupons for. The usual dog food, eggs, oat meal, etc. Nothing special.

Now I am home.

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