Monday, August 17, 2009

Tips for saving money!

It is that time of year!!!! Once a year I go through every bill and look for ways to cut back. Last year I was able to lower our telephone bill and our daughter's health insurance. Even if it is just a few dollars per bill it really adds up. Here are a few suggestions:
1. Bundle services: telephone, cable, internet. There are discounts for using the same carrier for
all the services.
2. Do you really need your land line? We mostly use our cellphones and are seriously considering
getting rid of our land line.
3. Call your insurance agent and ask if there are any ways to cut cost? Can you raise your
deductible? Are you still insuring something you do not own anymore, like jewelry, guns, etc.
4. If you have a credit card, call and ask for a lower interest rate? This is sometimes very

What have you done to lower your monthly costs?

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Kate said...

I've lived without a landline for many years. I do have a line in the house dedicated for just the DSL service. I think it runs me about $12 a month, but it is never used to make or receive calls.

I think one will be hard pressed to get the credit card companies to reduce their % rates at this point in time. The are bent on jacking up people's % rates not cut them these days - I know I've tried only to have them jack me up several weeks later...