Wednesday, October 7, 2009

High cost of prescription medication

Even with health insurance, prescription costs continue to skyrocket. Here are a few ways to reduce your prescription costs:

1. Make friends with your pharmacist. The pharmacist knows the cost of medication, the doctor may not. Some times different strengths of a medication cost the same per pill. For example,
100 mg. tablet and a 200 mg. tablet may cost the same. If the 200 mg. pill can be split, you just cut the cost in half. Not all pills can be split. YOU MUST ASK THE PHARMACIST.

2. Wal-mart and Target each have a generic list. The prescriptions are $4 for 30 days or $10 for 90 days. Click here
or here
It is available to everyone regardless of insurance coverage. Print the list off the website and take to the doctor with you. Most doctors will be happy to look at the list and help you out. Some pharmacies will price match from the list. Once again, make friends with your pharmacist.

3. If you have no health insurance, some pharmaceutical companies have programs to help cover the cost of the medication. To find a complete list go to

4. ALWAYS ask the doctor for samples. Sometimes they have samples. Not always, but it does not hurt to ask.


Together We Save said...

I love my Pharmacist she always help me figure out the best cost of medicine.

Nadia said...

Great article! Discount generic drugs are definitely a great way to save money!

Medtipster is also a good site I found that helps you find discount generic alternatives in your area...just in case you can't find a Target!

Check it out!