Monday, October 12, 2009

Now I am a slow shopper!

Several months ago I posted the following post:

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Two kinds of shoppers

Today I left work early for a dentist appointment, then ran by Walgreen's to have my ink cartridge filled for $5 or free after rebate. I learned something new. Not all Walgreen's refill ink cartridges. I had to make a second Walgreen's stop. Both were on my way home, so it was really no big deal. My next stop was Kroger. This is where I realized there are two kinds of shoppers. First, the fast shopper. That would be me. The fast shopper whizzes around the store as fast a possible, getting everything on the list and using all coupons. Getting out of the store as quickly as possible. Second, is the slow shopper. The slow shopper, very methodically cruises down each aisle as if there is nowhere else to be. The slow shopper gets everything on the list and uses all coupons. Neither of these is good or bad. I think they just annoy each other equally. As I tried to whiz around the store, the slow shoppers were blocking every aisle, which annoyed me to no end. As I passed each one, I am sure they were thinking, "slow down!" Like I said, neither is right or wrong, they just don't mix.

In April, I retired from my full time job and now work part time. I now have time to be a slow shopper. I think I really like it. I do not think I find any more bargains or am any more efficient; I am just more relaxed.

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Kristen said...

That is a very interesting concept. I think when I was working I was probably a fast shopper too. For the same reason you mention, which is that there isn't enough time. Now I too take more time and feel more relaxed, though I actually think I find less deals because I am not as crazed to get them all into the only trip I'm going to have that week.