Friday, October 23, 2009

UGH!!!!!!!! Walmart!

I usually like shopping at Walmart. I like their brand of products, but whenever I have more than one or more coupons they seem to FREAK out! Today I had about 8 coupons, 6 of which were internet coupons. The cashier did not want to scan my internet coupons, but got permission from a supervisor.....then one of them beeped. It was the $1.00 off the $1.00 Klondike bar. She would not even try to enter it then. Telling me, "I can't manually enter those kind of coupons."

Once again, I am reminded Walmart is good for many things, but they just can't get the coupon thing straight.


Crystal said...

I know how you feel, Walmart always messes up coupon transactions. Yesterday they wouldn't take a buy one get one free coupon and got really ugly with me when I told them their coupon policy says they do. I hardly ever go in there, but every time I do, they do something to irritate me.

Together We Save said...

They drive me crazy with their coupon policy...or lack there of.

Jerry said...

Walmart IS good for some things... but customer service is not usually one of them. They don't seem to understand that good customer service would actually lead them to more business than they already receive! I guess it's also part of hiring people, paying them poorly, and not offering health insurance benefits to most of them.