Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Consignment shop!

Today I dropped off items at the local consignment shop. I have been doing this for years. Any unwanted items I have either go to the consignment shop or to Goodwill. Either way I benefit. First, I get unwanted items out of my house. I keep a box at all time for any unwanted items to go in. If they are in really good shape I take them to the consignment shop, all other items go to Goodwill. I do not make alot of money at the consignment shop. Maybe $200 a year, but it is $200 more than I had. Everything I donate to Goodwill, I deduct on my taxes. I am not sure exactly how much that saves me. In 2010, I plan to keep better records of this. I may be better off donating all of it.

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