Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cold weather!

I live in Mississippi and we rarely get cold weather. When the temperature gets below 30 degrees we all begin to "freak out!" Will the roads be icy? Will the schools close? Do I have enough fire wood if the electricity goes out? The questions go on and on. Give us a tornado and we are prepared, but cold weather, not chance! We have had temps in the teens the last few nights and rain and sleet coming in tonight. So what does that mean???? The GREAT FREAK OUT begins. Something we do every winter is cover our outside faucets. I use a "huggie" or "koozie" to cover the faucet. It fits prefect. If need be it can be stuffed with old rags or dry cleaner bags. It is really easy and so far has always worked. Somehow I always have plenty of "huggies" around the house.

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Together We Save said...

Oh I live in the south too and they have already closed out school for tomorrow.... is it the snow that is susposed to come... or the cold? No one really knows but I am sure my kids are thrilled!!