Saturday, January 16, 2010

No more Brookshires!

I shopped at Brookshires yesterday only to find out that in March they are being bought out by Kroger. Now do not get me wrong, I like Kroger, but know I have 3 Krogers in my area and no other grocery to create competition AND no more triple coupons. I cannot tell you how many free items or really cheap things I have received from Brookshires.

Brookshires did offer all employees the opportunity to work at another store....out of state. Those who stay have no guarantee that Kroger will hire them. I just do not think this is good for anyone.


Toni said...

My local grocery store (which is HORRIBLE) used to offer one day per week of triple coupons. That's the only day I really wanted to shop there and when they stopped that day, I stopped going there totally. I do like Kroger a lot - hassle free when it comes to couponing - PLUS you can top your paper coupons with Cellfires and get free items that way too. :) The only downfall for me is it's a 20 min. drive each way. Can't win them all!

Brandy said...

The only competition we have around here is Food Lion and Walmart. Kroger is our main store though and we have at least a dozen near me.

At least they double coupons which FL doesn't. And they employee my kid so it's not all bad. :)