Thursday, January 28, 2010

U-verse update!

Yesterday, AT&T installed our new U-Verse. We now have more cable channels than I know what to do with and DVR. Now if I can just learn to use all of it. It even has a feature, where I enter my zip code and get the local weather. I am still have a few glitches with my computer, not sure if it is because of the U-Verse or me. Best of all, when my husband called to cancel our cable, they said if we ever want to come back the will match or beat our current deal. I think we will try this for a few months, then decide what we want to do. As I have posted before, we have to continually reevalute our needs, wants, and costs.

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Together We Save said...

We finally went wireless/digital at the first of the year!! I love it.