Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Has anyone ever participated in the houseparty? Is it fun? Is it worth the trouble? Any comments?


Vanessa said...

We do them quite a bit. They are really a great way to socialize!

SavvySuzie said...

I've done a couple - they are a lot of fun and it's always great to get free product!

Toni said...

I have only done one. It was fun - I guess it depends on which party you get. I have a family member that has gotten 3 or 4 now and they have been a blast!

I did have one of my invitees not want to "sign" the release that Houseparty puts out when you go to RSVP. Also, once you RSVP to someone's party, you then get on the House party email list. I didn't like that, but it's not anything that is difficult to fix. Which party are you thinking about?