Monday, February 8, 2010

Tonight's shopping!

First I went to Brookshires.
Here is how it went: 2 1/2lbs. bananas on sale for $.33lbs. .70

mahatma rice $1.17 minus $.50 coupon tripled FREE
Ortega black beans $1.49 minus $.50 coupon tripled FREE
12pk diet coke minus coupon for free 12pk FREE
Lipton tea $1.50 minus $.60 coupon tripled FREE
Ribs from the deli for dinner 9.99
TOTAL out of pocket $11.70

Then I stopped by the Blockbuster Express kiosk and rented a FREE movie!
Then to Walmart: 2 Kotex panty liners,$1 each minus $2 off purchase of 2 FREE
2 Kraft chunk cheese $1.66 ea minus $2 off purchase of 2 2.12
Starkist tuna $.98 minus $1.00 coupon FREE
Goldfish $1.88 bag minus $.75 1.08
TOTAL out of pocket $4.00

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VKT said...

Wow! In this economy, it is great to stumble on a site like this!