Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Healthcare...hmmm!!

There is a lot of discussion out there on the new health care bill. This is really not the forum for a debate, but I can give my opinion and welcome the opinion others.
First, I think something has to be done about health care (or lack of) in the United States. What we are doing is not working. Second, I work hard to pay for my health insurance....I do not expect anything for free(unless I have a coupon). We are a country founded on hard work and a strong work ethic. I think we should keep it that way! Third, I am sure there are some good aspects to this bill, but it seems like too many changes all lumped into one. I have the following questions: Just how is this to be funded? Are we really providing health insurance to people who are in this country illegally? Are really limiting health care to those over a certain age? Will we really require our senior citizens to attend advanced directive workshops? Who will pay for that?
My understanding is that this bill is over 1000 pages long. Did anyone read it in its entirety? Why was it passed on a Sunday when everyone should be at home for rest and worship?
O.K. I am done. I just have more questions and fewer answers.


Nonna Beach said...

I hope you don't mind me venting here...I usually come to your blog to see what new tips you have for saving $$$ and they are always good ! So here goes...you asked
all very good questions...the bill was over 2,000 pages and the only one who probably read the whole thing was a speed reader on a T.V. show last week and before it passed they changed it again !

More beneficiaries to pay for is not my idea of reform and what we got is a mess to deal with for us and future generations. The younger generation seems to think Health Care is a RIGHT and should be FREE for everyone and they are the ones who will be stuck paying for it in the future.

America is a Democratic Republic, not a socialist regime...so why the heck weren't the state Governors consulted since they are the ones who will have to manage and implement this new law ? And "leveling the playing field" as the Pres. said he wanted to do during his time in office makes me think he will TAKE from those of us who worked hard our whole lives to GIVE to others who have not to achieve "Social Justice" a nice phrase that really is Marxism !!!

My other observation is that the Congress and President should have been working on Jobs and the economy all this time...I am totally fed up with them not listening to what the people of this country really wanted...Reform, not another huge gov't program !

slugmama said...

Yep....add in all the people employeed in the healthcare insurance industry who will be out of jobs eventually because of this bill to the unemployment numbers.

Then add in all the state level Sallie Mae employees who administer student loans in your state. All those jobs will be eliminated under provisions snuck into this healthcare bill.

The govt. does such a bang up job running other agencies/businesses....Amtrack, Postal Service-both of which has hemmoraghed money for decades!, Medicare, IRS, and on and on. The only thing having your govt. run your healthcare will do is add another layer of bureaucracy onto the already bureaucracy heavy healthcare we have now.
One of the Democrats goals with this healthcare reform bill was to take away billions in profits from the drug industry. Ok...fine. Now tell me where or who will plow money into research and development in that industry to come up with new and better pharmacueticals? Not the drug companies anymore! If you or your kids need some drug that isn't available now in order to live a full life, it won't be available in the future due to this bill.

If you want to know what our future will look like pretty soon go read EAT THE RICH by PJ O'Rourke. Check out what socialize medicine has done to the other countries he visited in that book.

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

I agree with everything both ladies said, plus will add they also cut medicare benefits to give to the medicaid users. Sadly we Seniors worked hard our whole lives to receive these benefits..paying every week out of our check for SS and FICA taxes, now they tell us they are taking away from us to give to the younger folks who don't want to work or pay taxes. Sad, really sad. There will also be committees set up to decide if we are to get a certain treatment or not. What is any different than what they claim the Insurance Companies are doing now? Only we will be denied some things that the insurance ok'ed.
We needed Insurance reform, not Heath care reform. The poor and unemployed already had health care. The hospitals had to treat anyone, insured or non-insured if the came to the Emergency room.
70% of the people did not want this bill, but it was rammed through to make the President look good.