Monday, March 29, 2010

Paper or plastic or reusable?

I have had several reusable bags that I have accumulated over the last several months, but always forget to use them. Last night I remembered, when I went to Walmart. I was really encouraged by this, because one bag held A LOT more than the plastic bags. I was able to carry my groceries to the car without the basket. Now for the sake of argument, I do reuse my plastic bags. I use them for every garbage can in my house. My daughter uses them for her lunch. So I do need a few plastic bags, but I plan to use my reusable bags more often.

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Rachel said...

I have to remind the bag boys that I don't expect ALL my groceries to fit in the bags I brought. Once, they stuffed them so full I could not even lift them!!

They DO carry a lot more than those flimsy plastic bags.