Monday, July 19, 2010

Kroger~~~ UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last night I carefully went over the Kroger ad and matching my coupons to the Buy 10 get $5 off deals. I made sure I had a coupon for every item. I also made sure I had 10 matching items.
Everything went great until I tried to use the $2.00 off Tombstone Pizzas. I had 2 coupons that I had printed off the internet. Well, Kroger has a new internet coupons over $1.00. I couldn't put the pizzas back, it would mess up my 10 items. I guess I could have left everything, but I didn't. My total spent was $17.82 and my coupon total was $12.00, but should have been $16.00.


Michelle said...

that stinks! now you know, at least, right?

Nonna Beach said...

Wow, I guess some stores are cracking down again on IP coupons, there have been lots of fraud ( people copying them in large amounts) with IP's...a few rotten apples can spoil it for did good anyway !!!