Saturday, November 20, 2010

What did I save today?

I recently received a $10 off any $10 purchase coupon at Kohls. Today I stopped in and found CHRISTmas candles on sale. I bought 2 for $5.00 each....FREE!!!!! It gets better, the cashier gave me the coupon back. She said I could use it as many times as I like until it expires. Tomorrow I will be getting more candles.
I also reviewed so bills tonite. We recently switched to AT&T Uverse. Which I love!! We bundled cable, telephone and internet and got a really good deal. We paid for one of the more expensive channels for more movie channels. We now stay home more and watch movies. Any way, I realized I was paying $32.oo a month for unlimited telephone usage. I switched to 250 minutes a month for $25.oo a month.
Total savings today: $17.00.


Alison said...

good deals at kohl's! Thanks for the tips!!!

Nonna Beach said...

Whoa...Thanks, I missed that coupon. Hope I have a cashier as nice as the one you had !!!