Tuesday, December 7, 2010

High cost of prescriptions!!!

Medical expenses continue to get higher and higher. Unfortunately, many people are going without medical treatment. Some get sicker then need to be hospitalized...didn't save any money there.
Even worse, some go without and die!
A few suggestions on lowering your prescription costs:
1. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS ask your doctor if he has samples.
2. Make friends with your pharmacists. He/she can often suggest cheaper alternatives. Did you
know that sometimes different strengths cost the same? For example, say a 10 mg tablet
and a 20 mg cost the same. Why not buy the 20mg and cut it in half. Not all meds. can be
cut, but your pharmacists will know.
3. Become familiar with the $4.00 pharmacy medications. Almost all major pharmacies have a
"$4.00 list." Print if one of the websites and take it with you to the doctor. You do not have
to qualify for this program. It is for everyone. It does not matter if you have insurance or
4. There is a website that lists all the patient assistance programs. These are usually based on
income. Check it out at www.needymeds.com

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