Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Saving money for the beginner. Part I

If you are new to the "frugal, cheap, money saving, thrifty thing," it can be overwhelming. I suggest try a few new things, then slowly add a few more at a time.
1. Learn a few coupon rules, i.e., Kroger doubles coupons up to $ .60.
2. Learn prices of items you purchase frequently, i.e., diapers, sodas, milk. Then you will know if
the sale price is really a bargain or not!
3. Always try to match coupons to sale prices.
4. Don't be a "brand snob!" Wal-Mart brands are often cheaper than name brands with a coupon.
Yesterday I bought Wal-Mart brand spray disinfectant for half the price of Lysol. Over a $2
5. Track your savings for a few weeks, reward yourself for a job well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Confabulicious.com said...

Great advice. Are you doing any food storage? I am starting to do that and it's a little overwhelming.

Needing to stock up on canned and jarred items.