Tuesday, November 15, 2011


The holidays are fast approaching...what are your plans for the holidays?  Do you shop on Black Friday?  Have you already finished your shopping? When do you put up the tree?  Have you ever looked back on the holidays and thought, I was so busy I missed the real meaning of the holidays?  Take time now before the holidays really kick off and make a plan.  What can you do to make these holidays more meaningful?
Here are a few things our family does:
     1.  ALWAYS  put change or a few dollars in the Salvation Army bucket EVERY time I pass one.  I also thank the bell ringer for volunteering his/her time.
      2.  My family has always included any friends that are alone on Christmas.  Over the years we have had different friends join us on  Christmas Day and/or Christmas Eve.
      3. As a family, we "adopt" a child from our Church white Christmas tree.  We pick out a gift, wrap it and the church makes sure it is delivered to the correct child.
       4.  My parents, my brother and his family and my family all decided to not buy gifts for each other, but pool the money and select one charity to send it to.  Everyone puts the name of a charity "in the hat" and we draw out one to send the money to.
       5.  My husband, daughter and I attend Christmas Eve Church services.

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