Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ask and you shall receive!

Recently I was in a Community Affairs meeting of my homeowner's association. We were discussing all the cute decorations/furniture and other items people are making out of reclaimed wood and used pallets. Many people were sharing where they find pallets, like areas where new homes are built or behind home improvement stores. Then one lady offered that she knew someone who had "plenty" and would deliver them to me. Oh, course I agreed!! I was so excited as she texted my address to some stranger. Two days later I come home to 24 pallets stacked in my yard. I am a bit overwhelmed...I was hoping for 3 or 4. My husband and I are now deconstructing and building "Funky" Christmas yard art. I will be posting pictures as we finish some of them. I am also looking for more ideas for using my pallets.

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