Monday, February 24, 2014

So I am not organized! Part II

I really enjoy cooking.  Sometimes I make really good things, other times not so much.  In recent years I have perfected 2 things:  homemade biscuits and mac and cheese.  As you might expect, I have no recipe.  The biscuits are made with butter flavored crisco, self rising flour and milk.  I mix the crisco and flour first.  How much??? Some!  I mix it until it is crumbly.  Then I add the milk.  Just enough to make it like dough, but not sticky.  Roll them out and cut them.  I bake some and freeze the rest.  See I do cook for the freezer every now and then.
Now for the mac and cheese.  The recipe is alot like the biscuits.  I cook "some" elbow macaroni, then add butter, milk and grated cheeses.  How much???  Some!  I just keep adding until it "looks" right.  What kind of cheese??  Whatever I have!  It is better if you have more than 1 type of cheese.  I prefer a mix of sharp cheddar, medium sharp cheddar and monterey jack.
Well, my cooking is as organized as I am....organized chaos that is.

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