Monday, December 29, 2008

Only a true couponer could appreciate

I had the opportunity to work extra tonight. Making extra money is almost as good as saving extra money. Anyway, I had to be at work at midnight, so I left at 10:30 with coupons in hand. First, I returned my DVD to Redbox. Easy enough. My plan was to then stop at Walgreens, then CVS. Little did I know that Walgreens and CVS, where I usually shop closes at 10:00. Now what to do?! Not enough time to return home, too early to go to work....then I remembered another CVS. It just had to be a 24-hour store. So I took a detour to a part of town I rarely go to. (I had to get my deals!) While driving I could hear my mother's voice in my head, "You drove all over town at night, alone. What if you had car trouble?" Just I as neared the CVS what appeared but a 24-hour Walgreens. It was half a block away from the CVS. I was living right. Here is what I got:
Walgreens: 2 Dawn Dishwashing liquids $1.98 total
4 Christmas notepads
75% OFF $3.00
MINUS 2 $.50
MINUS $3.33 left on gift card

CVS: Not so good
5 2-liter diet cokes $ 5.00
They were out of cokes, sorry husband.
1 Tide $ 5.88
1 entergizer battery $ 2.99
1 colgate TOTAL $ 2.99
Tide coupon $1.00
Battery coupon $1.00
Colgate coupon $1.50
ECB's $4.99

I had a coupon for $3.00 off $15.00 purchase. I had printed off another website. The register would not accept it. The checker tried several times and several ways, but no luck. It must have been a regional coupon.

All that and I got to work at 11:30


Jeremiah said...


Thanks for the comment on the $3/$15 CVS coupon. I just used it at our CVS and it worked...and I live in Indiana. I hope you get it to work!

(Shepherd's Savings)

holi said...

Yes "only a true couponer could appreciate" My family/friends/coworkers think I have lost my mind! I love that you are working and trying to do this, because I am too. Not many others seem to I always feel left out. Great to have found your blog!

Mari said...

Yeah, it is true only a true couponer would appreciate that... it is amazing how much of a 'rush' it is to save money. You are doing a great job! Keep up the good work and I am glad you were able to get such good deals.