Sunday, December 28, 2008

Quiet day!!!

My family left town today to go rock climbing in Fort Payne, AL, so I have a quiet afternoon planned. I went to Church this morning, picked up my free Redbox movie. I have built a fire and sat in front of it sorting coupons. I burned all the expired ones. I was disappointed that my newspaper had no coupons today. While sorting, I did match up coupons with the sales at Walgreens at CVS. Nothing to get real excited about.
My goal for the New Year is to track my spending. I have no idea how much money I spend on groceries and essentials. I plan to log my spending along with coupon savings. After I track this for a few months, I will set goals on reducing spending. At the end of each month I will post my results. I look forward to each of you advising me on ways to improve.
I read so many blogs where people feed their families for pennies. I want to try to do that.


poorteacher said...

My newspaper didn't have coupons either. That bugs me! I am going to try and keep better track of groceries also. I'd love to be like those women who spend next to nothing on groceries!

holi said...

If you have found an easy way to track your spending/saving PLEASE....let me know how! I can't come up with an easy way.... This is one of my biggest resolution "wants" a better tracking system.