Thursday, February 12, 2009

Brookshire's deals!

I have been really frustrated with the lack of deals lately....until tonight. I had to pick up a few groceries, so I stopped by Brookshire's. Whenever I go to Brookshire's and have extra time, I take all my larger coupons and see what I can get for free or close to it. Since Brookshire's triples up to $.60, I can usually get things pretty cheap. Here is how it went.
2-liter diet Dr. Pepper $1.59. minus coupon for free Dr. Pepper
2 Bags of Lay's chips $2.00 each. No coupon
2-liter diet coke $1.29. No coupon
2-liter coke $1.29. No coupon
Betty Crocker Brownie mix $2.00 minus $.50 coupon tripled
French's Worchester Sauce $1.99 minus $.60 coupon tripled
Lipton tea bags $1.29 minus $.45 coupon tripled
Purina cat food $4.99 minus $4.00 coupon
Fleischman's yeast $1.99 minus $.45 coupon tripled
Dawn ultra dishwashing liquid $2.09 minus $.50 coupon tripled.
Total before coupons: $29.52
After coupons: $12.28
Total saved: $17.24
To top it off, a coupon for 10% off my next purchase printed on my receipt.


Casey said...

I wish we had a brookshire

Lynn said...

I wish I lived where they double and triple coupons...Awesome deals !