Monday, November 2, 2009

Lower Cell phone bill

Last Friday, my husband and I went to our cellular provider and asked,"what can we do to lower our bill?" He looked at it, studied it, talked to us....then after about 30 minutes, we were able to lower our bill by about $80. That is alot of money to me. So, once again, I am perusing every bill to see how I can lower each one. I do this a couple of times a year. Today we also canceled our newspaper delivery. We really do enjoy it, but rarely have time to read it. We can always read it on line. I will now have to go to Wal-Mart on Sunday to get the coupon edition. Any way this is about $18.00 a month. I think saving $98 a month is a pretty good deal.


Jenn Farese said...

Awesome! I will try this too! Thx!

Tams* said...

nice! we did this with our cable... after our promotional period ran out our bill shot up to $120, and there were some rediculous things added to the bill that we never added nor wanted! After about 45 mins of talking to the company they said our monthy total after taxes etc. would be $80 a/m!!! I was excited!! But then after he told us the total he proceeded to ask us if we wanted to add HBO, STARZ, a HD Box! haha go figure!
We also tried lowering our electric, but thats a joke, you have to be on some sort of state aid in order for them to even consider helping you out! Oh and we got rid of our house phone and use our cells, which works out good for us!! This is prob. more than you care to know haha =)

Dylan said...

Nice blog, and I'm glad you were able to save on your cell bill. I wanted to add, however, that you may be able to save more. I work in the consumer advocacy division of the Houston-based company Validas, where we electronically audit and subsequently reduce the average cell bill by 22 percent through our website, (and I'll add that 22 percent equates to over $450 per year for the average user).

You can find out for free if can modify your plan to better suit your individual needs by going to the website. Check out Validas in the media, most recently on Fox News at .

Good luck on further reducing your wireless bills.

Consumer Advocacy,